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Feathers is the longest running Gay Women’s Social Club on the Gold Coast. Since 1991 we have been providing social and recreational events for women of all ages.  We offer a safe and friendly environment for lesbians to relax, have fun, socialise, be entertained and to meet other like-minded women.  Feathers holds monthly dances on the 3rd Saturday of every month, as well as many other functions, excursions and sporting events.


*Feathers Women's Social Club Incorporated is committed to supporting worthy causes and charities that are a part of our diverse community.

*Feathers - Gold Coast Gay Girls proudly present Dance Events held the 3rd Saturday of each month: Featuring Special Guest Artist's Appearances and Resident DJ LX & Resident Studio DJ - DJ JAN in Nerang

*Feathers - offer a safe welcoming environment for lesbians, straight,  transgender... an opportunity exists for them to host social functions, excursions and sporting events capturing a varied age group for the young and the young at heart...

Our membership represents women of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities and professions and brings them together in a fun and relaxed environment which is also non-judgmental, as well as physically and emotionally safe. Support us so that together we may support the community...




It is possibly one of the longest-running lesbian social clubs in the world and Feathers Gold Coast is about to mark 25 years.  The Gold Coast has just launched the new gay and lesbian event, Glitter Festival, but the city has long been a hub of same-sex acceptance.  For almost a quarter of a century, Feathers Lesbian Women's Social Club has offered local ladies a welcoming community.  Club president Jan Curtis has told ABC Gold Coast's Bern Young that it could be the most long-lived group of its kind.  "We have researched it a bit, we are one of the longest ones in the world," she said.  It started in the early 1990s at a small gatherings where Jan and friends were discussing the lack of local clubs for gay women. "One of the ladies suggested a club and we all jumped aboard and started it all off," Jan said.  This year marks the group's 25th anniversary.  The not-for-profit club now hosts regular social events such as dances, luncheons and catch ups.


A voice for lesbians on the Gold Coast

Membership numbers have grown over the year as the club has become an established voice for lesbians in the community.  "I'd say the number... could be [around] 300 lesbian women on the coast" Jan said.  "Politically it's been very quiet; we're just starting to get the LGBTI community united a bit."  The upcoming inaugural Glitter Festival will be a celebration of local LGBTI culture and Jan is looking forward to it.  "It's going to be a very interesting and hectic program by what I can see of it," she said. 

The Gold Coast Glitter Festival begins September 28






8:00PM - 1:00AM

Dances are on the 3rd Saturday of every month




0423 633 418



0479 095 975


Ingy  0416 013 411

Treasurer :

Ingy 0416 013 411






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